Mobile Car Audio and Automobile Stereo Electronic Equipment Installation

Are you during a native automotive club and have you ever been serving to all of your friends install their automotive stereo instrumentation for them? It is smart they require you to try and do it, as a result of your automotive stereo sound system rocks and so they require your facility to try and do it right and that they understand they have your recommendation too. nobody needs to own dead batteries a day or worse off find yourself catching their automotive lit attributable to the improper installation of apparatus right?


Indeed then there you’re serving to everybody for gratis, however, why not create this a business too. All the native Yuppies in their SUVs wish audio systems, automobile stereo equipment, pedestrian radars, duplicate measuring device alarms and GPS Systems. Why you’ll charge them $120.00 per hour putting in their XM Satellite Radio at their workplace during a Mobile Automotive Audio and Automobile Stereo equipment Installation business. Hey if you’re that sensible why not create cash at it right?

You can still place in your automotive club friends audio systems and such, however currently they’re going to got to pay you to try and do it or trade notwithstanding you discount your labor prices by 0.5 or a 3rd. meantime you’ll have your own business and use that money to stay your ride sounding higher than everybody else’s and you may understand what everybody else has too; as a result of you’re the one WHO put in it and you bought paid to try and do it. think about all this in 2017.


14 Clarence St South,

Addington, Christchurch 8024



About Robert Gilims

We prepare for a huge range of contingencies and have the experience and expertise to adapt when needed. Most of our people grew up driving on the roads of Christchurch.
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